Watch this Marine Take on this Navy Sailor in an Obstacle Course Competition

The Battle Bunker brings you yet another jaw-dropping challenge. Today, it’s going to be Marine Vs. Navy Sailor in a brutal obstacle course competition. 

Oh, did we mention it’s a female vs. female competition? Gear up! 

It’s Angel Romero, a corporal in the United States Marines Vs. Ashely Sepulveda, an electronics technician 2nd class in the U.S Navy 

Since it’s a general assumption that people in the Navy are not as fit as the Marines, something tells us this battle is going to be an interesting watch.

Here’s what the contests have to do… overcome a series of obstacles in the shortest time. It’s a fitness battle, and whoever takes less time to complete all tasks is the winner. 

Angel (who is 99 pounds) is up first. Does that make her the winner already? Umm…don’t be so quick to judge. Read on to find out.


Obstacle 1

So it begins, with Angel jumping over the bunny hop like a boss. Looks easy? Wait till she moves to the next obstacle. 


angel romero jumps the battle bunker 


Obstacle 2 

Here, Angel has to carry two 20 pounds cinder blocks by crossing a dirt mountain. It’s a steep mountain. Unless you’re fit, it's a struggle.


angel romero battle bunker

Obstacle 3 

The next obstacle is to climb the cargo net and read a code at the top. And no, they can’t take the note with them. The code has to be memorized.   


angel romero

Angel smartly climbs down the flimsy net without using her legs (impressive!)


Obstacle 4

The next challenging is climbing over the A frame, which Angel climbs like a pro once again.


angel romero climbs the a-frame at the battle bunker

Obstacle 5


angel romero unlocks the rope

Obstacle 6

 She must now use the code to unlock the rope and swing like Tarzan 


Obstacle 7

Now, comes the challenge of carrying the ammo can and crossing the sandbag maneuver. This can contains the key to the locker.


angel romero

Obstacle 8 

Over the wall and into the trench


 angel romero jumps a wall



Obstacle 9

Now, the contestant must open the can to find a key that will unlock the locker containing a sledgehammer

There are 5 lockers and the contestant must try the keys in each padlock until they find the right one. 

Angle had to make a few attempts to unlock the right locker.


angel romero unlocks locker

Obstacle 10

And now comes the part where she’s supposed to smash the pot with the sledgehammer 


Angel takes 3 minutes and 28 seconds to complete these obstacles. 

angel romero smashes

Now it’s Ashely’s turn.

Hey, don’t underestimate her just yet! Keep reading.


Obstacle 1 

There she goes jumping over the bunny hop with style.


ashley figueroa battle bunker

Obstacle 2

Crossing the dirt mountain carrying the cinder blocks one by one.


Obstacle 3

Climbing the flimsy net to get the code. She climbs down without using her legs just like Angel! 



Obstacle 4

Now it’s her turn to climb the A-frame.

It feels like Ashley is taking her time but when you look at the clock, it’s only 1 minute 10 seconds. Not bad?


Obstacle 5 

Now she has to unlock the code with a 5 character code


Obstacle 6

Time to swing...wweeeeeee


Obstacle 7

She’s got the ammo can with which she must maneuver the sand bags




Obstacle 8

Over the wall and into the trench to grandma's house we go!




Obstacle 9

It’s time to unlock the lock by getting the key from the ammo can… will she make it in time?

Ashley gets lucky as she manages to unlock the locker on the very first try! 

Looks like Ashley’s in it for the win!


Obstacle 10

There she goes.

Smashing the pot (with the goggles on her neck). JK the goggles slipped. 


Our girl Ashley does it in 3 minutes 13 seconds!


Both ladies did a fantastic job overcoming the obstacles and doing it in their own style.

The competition ends with Ashley as the winner. Austen like always did a great job motivating both players to complete the battle.

Hope you had a nice time reading the recap of this challenge.

Let us know if you want to see Ashley and Angel in the Battle Bunker again. 

Find the complete video for this obstacle course competition here.

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