Got Questions? We've got Answers.

When you check in, you will have access to park inside of the "Athlete Gate". This is a 24/7 guarded gate that you will only have access to with your keycard. Our staff will give you the keycard at the gate upon proper credentials.

Your keycard grants access to the Champions dining hall. We will cover the location of the dining hall at your athlete brief.

You can choose to go to the dining hall for dinner, or off campus at a local restaurant. The dining hall provides plenty of fueling options from smoothies, proteins, carbs, peanut butters, shakes, veggies, hydration, and salads.

The Training Center is set up similar to a college dorm or military barracks. Unfortunately, they do not allow same sex to stay in the same room. If you are bringing a significant other, your options are to purchase an additional bed for them, or go off-campus to a local hotel.

No. You are not required to stay at the Training Center. Your ticket includes a room, but you do not have to use it. Your food is still covered on competition day.

No. For now, we have only one bundle, and it's still cheaper than 75% of other races :) Maybe in the future.

Yes. You can book your stay through our website under "All Inclusive" experience tab. You will get your night's stay, and access to the dining hall.

No. This meeting is crucial to your success. We will be giving you your grab bag including socks, competition tees, and map of the area. We start so early on competition day that we cannot allow an extra hour for check-in catchups.

Hi, it's Austen. So basically I don't sleep and you can email me anytime. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Email